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Why this highly-specialized Forum can be interesting for various Mass Media Organization?

Oncology – is one of the cutting-edge and fast-paced areas of medical science. The cancer disease takes the second place among all causes of death worldwide. More than 9.6 million people died from cancer last year. That situation requires the search for new medicines for the treatment and prevention of cancer diseases.

The last Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for discovery of mechanisms, which open the ways for cancer immunotherapy. Fight against cancer is a mission, which representatives of different countries, including Russia undertook.

“White Nights” it is more than just a Forum, it is a unique platform, where meet scientists and experts from a dozen different countries. They share information on best practices in the diagnostics und cancer prevention fields, as well as medical management, drug production and research of new treatments.

The “White Nights” Forum – it is a research arena, where you have a golden opportunity to talk with top- specialists.

When and where will take place the Forum “White Nights”?

The International Oncological Forum “White Nights” will take place in June 20-23, in Saint-Petersburg. The Forum venue is the Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya Hotel & Congress Center.

What Media Organizations may be a part of the Forum?

We invite a public relations professionals working in medicine. Media workers (professionals) can get an insider’s perspective about the health management in Russia and in the world, new modifications in diagnostics and cancer treatment in Russia, besides they have an opportunity to interact with Heads of the leading Medical Centers of the country.

Together with the ITMO University we are organizing the “spatialized meeting” for the second year in a row, where colleagues of various scientific popular Mass Media get the chance to talk with leading researchers in the field of therapy. Darya Sarkisya, editor of “Meduza” journal, Alesey Paevskiy – science journalist and Fred Balvert – Specialist in Scientific Communication at the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam were our guests of the Forum last year.

“White Nights” Forum accreditation

Detailed information about the accreditation, interviews and other questions you can find on “White Nights” website

The Media Center of the “White Nights” Forum will be opened for Mass Media representatives throughout all days of the event.

Please sign up our website to get all necessary information about Media Center work and potential activities.

How can you become a media partner of the “White Nights” Forum?

First of all, you need to write your proposal for Partnership on our website Then we will discuss options for cooperation in details. The cooperation aims to increase opportunities for Mass Media and further advertising communications in the media brands promotion.