Dear collegues!

I am pleased to invite you to take part in the Third Petersburg International Oncology Forum White Nights 2017.

Today it may already be described by the trendy phrase as a “must-have” event because all earnest oncologists and all other experts in oncology should have it under their belts.

The White Nights Forum helps fulfil the most important aspirations of any professional: to advance their competency, to learn from the best experts, to share knowledge and skills, and to communicate with kindred spirits in the realm of interest.

That is why our Oncology Forum is so popular and is attended both by senior and eminent specialists and quite early adepts of the science of oncology.

The event is interesting because of its multidisciplinary focus, interactive format, and, of course, the high level of invited speakers, including both Russian and foreign experts.

The oncologist of any specialization will find the most relevant information concerning the latest trends, ultra-urgent and acute issues in the modern presentation that includes more than 10 different formats (workshops, conferences, seminars, symposia, schools, discussions, readings, exhibitions, reports, etc.).

Among the Forum events will be both already traditional ones and first nights.

However, I would like to draw your attention specifically to one of the most important events for Russian oncology.

The Oncological Forum White Nights 2017 is held in the year of the 90th anniversary of the N. N. Petrov Scientific Research Institute of Oncology, which is rightly considered the leading diagnostic, treatment and scientific oncological medical institution in the country having fostered many outstanding oncologists who have founded their own school.

Our motto is “We create modern medicine”, which, in my opinion, fully corresponds to the goals and objectives of the Forum whose main purpose is to unite the scientific potential of all the world’s oncologists to develop modern methods for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

A.M. Belyaev, Director, N. N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology