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Dear Participants, we would like you to have a comfortable stay in St. Petersburg. We have prepared current information for those visiting this wonderful city for the first time, and for those who have become a permanent guest.

In this section of our website you will find information on:

  • How to get from the airport to the city;

  • The St. Petersburg Metro and the fare rates (you can also download an interactive metro map and a mobile application);

  • Public transport of St. Petersburg;

  • Catering points located as close as possible to the Forum venue with an extensive price range;

  • Weather;

  • Useful phone numbers.

Pulkovo International Airport How to get from the airport to the city

Public transport
Buses No. 39 (timetable), № 39э (timetable) and a fixed-route taxi K39 run between the new terminal and St. Petersburg.
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If you need assistance in ordering a taxi, you can contact the technical organizer of the Forum


Opening hours: с 05:30 до 00:50
Detailed schedule of stations.

The cost of a single trip on the surface transport - RUB 40
The cost of a single trip on the subway - RUB 45

The second largest metro after the one in Moscow, the St. Petersburg Metro is also the deepest in the world in terms of the average depth of stations. Many stations have original architectural and artistic designs.

To date, there are 5 lines, the operating length is 113.6 km. There are 67 stations, of those 7 interchange nodes (6 two-station and one three-station).

11 stations are combined with railway stations or platforms. The system includes 74 vestibules, 263 escalators, 6 travolators and 856 turnstiles. There are 5 operational and one repair depots. In the St. Petersburg metro system there is a linear train system with 7 interchange stations.


In addition to the metro, the main public transport in the city are fixed-route (or minibus) taxis. Trams and trolleybuses due to their connection to the wires and state owners move around the city extremely slowly. Besides, recently trams have been actively removed from the city center, although in Europe the opposite is happening.

The fare in trams, trolley-buses and buses is 30 rubles (from January 1, 2016). You need to pay the conductor or the driver at the exit, which is usually written at the door.

The minibus fare is determined by the carrier. Usually the cost is noted on the glass in front of the door. The maximum cost within the city is 40 rubles (from July 15, 2015). In the city center the fare at some routes depends on the trip distance, yet it cannot exceed 40 rubles. When travelling by a minibus you are supposed to pay to the driver. Minibus taxis can be distinguished from ordinary buses by their small sizes and the letter K in front of the number. Please note that a minibus (for example, K10) and a bus (for example, 10) with the same numbers may follow completely different routes, so be careful.

If “state” buses and trams stop at every stop, minibuses do not. First, you need to raise your hand if you need the minibus to stop, otherwise it will pass by. Second, you can get off anywhere, just say, “Stop at the end of the house,” or “Here”, or “Near that dog,” etc.

The traffic pattern of minibuses changes quite often, so you can inquire about them in the hotel (if it is far from the metro) or at specialized websites: (information website about minibuses in St. Petersburg) (Organizer of transportation, detailed official information on public transport)


In June, nature finally wakes up from its winter hibernation, delighting everyone with lush greenery and dizzying aromas of blossoming flowers. Numerous gardens, squares and parks are transformed beyond recognition, beckoning local residents and visitors for walks. The air warms up substantially, but the moderately humid climate restrains the growth of the thermometer column, so there is no question of heat here. The average daily air temperature, in accordance with the data of meteorologists, is about +20°C. In calm, quiet days, you can wear light outfits, but if the wind rises or it rains, it gets colder, and without a sweater or jacket it feels quite chilly.

Average temperature +16 °C

Daytime temperature +20 °C

Temperature at night +11 °C

Water temperature +8 °C

Rain 13 days


112 – emergency number

101 - firefighters

102 - police

103 - ambulance

8-800-350-11-55 (round the clock) – a warehouse of things left in the metro