Continuing medical education (CME) refers to a new form of competence development of health care professionals. CME distinguishes continuity, the use of innovative technologies (distance learning, electronic, and simulation technologies) as well as the possibility of creating a personal learning path that provides the knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the needs of specialists.

Within the system of CME development, the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation in collaboration with professional non-profit organizations initiated a model to implement the CME basic principles (see Orders no. 837, 328).

How to use accumulated points (credits)
The reason to participate in the model implementation
Record-keeping of educational activity
Individual confirmation code (ICC)
When will training courses and / or e-learning modules appear?
I have a Personal account on and Where should I activate ICCs obtained on the basis of educational activities?
Scoring system
How to participate in the model implementation
CME Certificate
Unable to activate ICC
Will the points (credits) obtained in foreign educational and scientific activities be taken into account?